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A new tool helps to use “GIFs” in augmented reality.

Tenor, creator of the hugely popular GIF search engine, has released an SDK that allows developers to integrate GIFs into their Unity-powered ARKit augmented reality applications. It’s like peak 2017 all rolled into one thing, and you can check it out in the video above.


Two guys form google are using AI to guarantee interviews for tech job seekers

Two former Googlers are guaranteeing workers in the tech industry that they get interviews with their dreamer employers thanks to artificial intelligence.

The past year or so has seen AI deployed to tackle a broad range of issues, and with their startup, ex-Google engineers Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou believe it can be used to crack the hiring conundrum in tech. (more…)

Woe from mind. 5 the most stupid “smart devices”

According to the forecast of Gartner analysts, in 2025 the number of smart gadgets on the planet will exceed 25 billion devices. Electronics manufacturers build Wi-Fi literally into any device, mindlessly following the fashion and absolutely not caring about security.


Case Study: Carmex

We are excited to introduce our latest project Carmex!

We have developed a website for our Norwegian client. The goal was to create one WordPress Theme, which could be used for four websites in different languages.